Joomla! User Group Toronto

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How You can help - Getting involved in the JUGT Joomla user group

How you can help

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If you haven't already gotten involved, we encourage you to get involved in any way you would like to that you feel would be of benefit. You can be a participant, a planner, a helper, committee member or whatever you feel like! If you have a great idea, or would like to get more involved, please contact us, and get on the email list and connect up with our social network..

In particular, in the immediate future we want to start having (and are actively working towards) more frequent and better organized workshops, presentations and seminars, taking into account everything we've learned from the past and from other Joomla! User Groups.

Here are some more specific ways in which you can help

Workshop/Seminar Venues:

We are looking for possible venues close to the subway line which include computer labs and a projection screen. If you know of any that might be suitable, please email {so and so's email}

Partnering with Educational institutions:

We are looking for Computer Science or Web Design Faculty members from University's and College's in Toronto who are progressive and willing to work with us to bring Joomla! Workshops and Seminars to their institution. Joomla! is the 3rd largest open-source CMS in the world and working with the Joomla! User Group Toronto provides students with a great way to network with established experts and increases employment opportunities in the field. If you know any Faculty members who may be interested, please pass on this e-newsletter to them and have them contact {so and so}


The JUGT is not-for-profit and run by volunteers. Every little bit helps out and sponsorship is great way to raise your company's profile in the web development community! Sponsorship can range from cash donations, to covering the cost of pizza at events, providing venues, etc. If your company would like to explore opportunities to get great exposure through Sponsoring the JUGT or any of its workshops and events, please contact {so and so}


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