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User Group Events

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We generally have two kinds of get together: Pub nights and Meet-Ups. You'll see the details posted on the Home Page, and you can sign up for them at

Pub Nights

Pub nights are informal gatherings, usually held mid-week and after working hours. A pub night is an opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow Joomla enthusiasts and discuss just about any Joomla! related subject.


Pub Nights work well for informal discussions and socialization, but the format isn't suitable for helping with specific problems, or looking at a single issue in any detail. Our meet-us are designed to meet these needs. Typically held on a weekend, a meet-up will normally be held in a working environment with wireless access. There are a few different meet-up variants:

  • Panel Discussion – A moderated discussion between invited panel members on a specific topic, either led by audience questions or with a Q&A session after the main discussion.
  • Presentation – Presentations on a specific topic given by individuals with some expertise in the subject matter. Likely to consist of a slide show, followed by question and answers or open discussions.
  • Workshop – A workshop is a gathering of users to share expertise. Bring your laptop and your questions. At the start of the session, a coordinator will poll attendees to get a list of the questions/problems for the meeting. They will then be ordered, from simplest to most complex. Common questions with well known answers will be addressed one on one. The more complex issues will be addressed as a group. Most of the time there will be experienced Joomla folk at the meeting, but nobody knows everything. There are lots of questions where the answer may require some experimentation and problem solving.

We plan on holding our meet-ups near a suitable watering hole, so that after the meeting you'll still have an opportunity to hang out and socialize.


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